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(no subject) [Feb. 26th, 2005|08:24 pm]
[and..how do you feel about this? |blankblank]
[singing in the shower |gilmore girls]

it took me 4 hours to bake my mom's birthday cake today....4 HOURS
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you never forget your first love... [Feb. 20th, 2005|10:20 pm]
[and..how do you feel about this? |coldcold]
[singing in the shower |the great pretenders theme song..dont ask lol]

so this morning i wake up..and i go to brush my hair and i see the necklace hardy gave me for my birthday one year..and it made me laugh..because todays my 1/2 birthday..

ive decided that this entry is about the 1st 3 exciting days of my february vacation '05

friday (school day) was so much fun..math class wasnt the same without raschii and ronie..spanish was fun..i took andreas place...helping ray with everything..but im nice..i dont hit him lol
friday (vacation) made plans for the night and cleaned..then out to walmart--the greatest place on earth with the crew -gracie :( but..i found my sunglasses..im feel famous in them lol..walking around the store with them on..emily debating between 2 pairs..ended up buying the mens one..i have bought mine yet..didnt have enough money aka $10 ..saw ant and mrs dupre..mollie and i went on a journey to get a carriage-and we saw him..yes..HIM..her boyfriend..mohawk man..we were in the cereal aisle as he was putting cocoa puffs away..then soda..and then juice..haha..we think ant thought we were following him..b.c he was right where mohawk was. then mollie and i got in a crash...and knocked down like 40 baby bottles...then we went back to mollies and hung out...

saturday woke up at 830 (gag) then nick and i played some ps2..I BEAT HIM!! FINALLY! then i was winning..and he quit the game on me...pssh.. then i just kinda hung around..ate 4 mini muffins..then had practice..ahh love it! went through the pit..got all the way to the bottom..and flip the cubes..it was fun..magic words for doing my backhand springs....Tom Brady ahahhahaa..then conditioning up in the mini gym..cathy and i on the tredmills..then me trying to push 100 pounds..could have blown out my knees,..yea good job tay..but then did some other stuff..then wendys for lunch..i <3 those chicken nuggets lol...then i cant remember what i did that night...o thats right..talked to justin..tried to get into irish ballas me and emily..then since he wouldnt get us in..we made our own clique - irc and our colors are pick white and purple-- so there irish ballas..but we still want in!..

sunday (today)  woke up..ITS MY HALF (1/2) BIRTHDAY!!! woohooo (do the math dance!) played some ps2 with nick..had a muffin..then went to church..got Jesus from Mrs. Greene..haha Bean...then went to the library with nick..saw the hottie that works there..told us that nick has $15 in fines..i was like holy shit nick! mom didnt understand y he still had fines from 2002 lol then went to shaws then dollar tree..overprotected nick..jeez..then cant remember what i did...then got yelled at and sent to my room..where i cleaned it..making more of a mess in the process..then i come down and dad is all nice to me again..jeez..made us pizza..now im watching the 1st 5 years of SNL..which is now over..so im going upstairs to watch something else..or stay down here and work my way into irish ballas..not sure...

excited for friday guys!!! (no rich..im not horny u ass)

<3 tay
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muhaha the evil genius has arrived --dont ask [Feb. 15th, 2005|01:03 pm]
[and..how do you feel about this? |hyperhyperactive]
[singing in the shower |rich girl _gwen stefani + eve]

in health class...in the computer lab...with marley and megan and andrea and rasch and sam..having a good time looking up suicide stuff and random pictures ..its rly funni the pics u can find online lol....marley got mad b.c her answer to the suicide questions got deleted when both our computers randomly got shutdown...andrea was looking at random webshots albulms and found pics of a kid that went to our school last year now in college...it was rly funni....googling our names..sam and her ..interesting pics..raschel get random painting...marley..obviously gets pics of bob marley..and i just get a bunch of random shit...so yea...nothing exciting happening..my last entry was RLY LONG...im sure emily will enjoy it....valentines day..was well...valentines day...nicks birthday gig and all...so yea...nothing happening...imma end it here...

vacation next week!!

Happy Belated Valentines Day!!

<3 toa
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just hold me..even if its just for a little while..i just want to be with you.. [Feb. 13th, 2005|09:06 pm]
[and..how do you feel about this? |dorkydorkstery]
[singing in the shower |footloose music]

hey all..MAJOR update taking place!! its needed i kno! hmmm ljs being kinda weird not lettin me bold things and add color..hmm... well
i LOVE my new and improved lj format! its so pretty and romantic and girly! i love it so much...emily and i worked on it friday night when i went to visit her at the larkins..so happy she could get the pic up!! we think that its ashley olsen in the pic...we kno u agree lol
overall week was pretty good...lots of school..basically a blurr..id takefowerull teaspoon of my medicine and would be like knock out every class..i couldnt stay awake in any class..all week lol

friday- stayed in my uniform til like 6 cuz i found out mom was gunna take us to the mall lol..well that didnt happen b.c i dunno lol..rents and nick went out and got chowder and clam cakes for dinner..reminded me of summer...and will and haley..and the lifeguard chairs we would always sit on after dinner..and id always b afraid to jump down lol...well im rly hoping i see those 2 soon b.c i miss them bunches and need to here them yell quit it to each other...maybe ill have ryan tell me that one time..b.c its only decent when a southern person does it lol
went to visit emily after dinner...she was babysitting the larkins..ahaha the fish dead one mintue then swimming the next! it doesnt kno if it wants to die or not...poor thing...we worked on our ljs..as the kids were running around and john was playing with tools...emilys lj was being difficult..but it came out good!..i love mine..o so very much!

saturday- went to garden city in the morning..after a fun ttrip to the bank where nick nad i stayed in the car and counted how many ppl tired to go through the wrong door...lets just say a sign should rly be put up that says IN b.c no one kne what door..it was rly funni
at garden city went to a big deal at the gap..the way the do busniess is soo stupid...jeezus...well i found a cute blazer and this rly pretty silk cami thats a little longer than the blazer..i told my mom it would b cute for a confirmation outfit..she wasnt so sure yet..the camis $50! i was like..mom its pretty tho! its almost as much as the blazer! ($68) its so cute..it has lil puff sleeves...rly cute..then since auntie bought us "lil girl undies" we returned them and i got one..yes 1 uno urn (w/e1is in french) ONE pair of undies..cute boyshorts w/ a flower design..they were $14.50!! i was like omg! one pair! btu they were on sale for like $10..o well its not my money...but there kinda big...which is sad but gap runs small..so when the underwear runs big? wtf is up with that?..hopefully theyll skrink...then i bought some chocolate covered rasisns at sweenors...omg i love them lol soo yummy..
then came home and changed for our state meet...guys we did awesome..i ..our good luck charm was there this week!!...and were now a dynasty...taking after the beloved patriots...STATE CHAMPIONS!!! 3 years in a row!! ow ow...guys its awesome ilu sooo much pizza hut..maeves dieing for salad..to go up and its all gone..afraid to ask for refills b.c we probably would never get it again..pizza hut on mineral spring..u guys have bad service when alot of ppl are there!! train for that!!..3 large pizzas please!! b careful there 600 degrees!! hahaha soo many fun times guys..ilu... our medals are shinier!! hahaha
on the way home mom said she rented 2 movies : ray and one i rly wanted...the notebook! omg soo happy...sadly she didnt buy it..but im gunna w. my card from sarah lol its sooo good..they left out parts from the book tho :( like the crab dinner...i <3 that movie...and ryan gosling...id bang him in half a second!! haha j gizzo...omg he soo hott lol..back that up...i love that movie..they did a wicked nice job..hopefully theyll make the wedding into a movie!

sunday- served 930 downstairs w. casey..the girl scout alter servers! haha gracie..ill marry u lol...then went to food chalet and d+d and nanas..then 2 hours at grandma and grandpas..lots of talking on how were goin to have a depression during my generation...b.c of the war and how everything is so expensive and no one keeps track of their money anymore...then came home...talked online..homework...aunt donna and uncle tom stopped by to give nick his present and saw our dresses and watched the video from winterball...then made cupcakes..actually just ate batter and frosting...for nicks class tomorrow..then made the heart cake for tomorrow night..i love how hes born on valentines day! i want a valentine..but since its tomorrow i dont think its gunna happen..i have emily and grace tho..i need to make there cards!!!

so now im sitting here..homework done...watching footloose...instead of the grammys lol...ive never ben able to sit threw award shows lol..flip back and forth kinda award watcher...talked to hardy today..glad i did..havent seen that boy in a while..talked about birthdays and how i have some time to plan mine lol...6 months!! today is the 1 month anniversary of me without braces!! its been a very nice month lol...so yea ...i guess ill end here...i rly  need to hang out with a bunch of ppl this weekend..mainly ppl i havent seen since xmas vaca..they kno hoo they are..and some others.. well i should get some shut eye
sweetdreams my loves...enjoy reading this very long update!!

is this what falling in love with you feels like??
be my valentine <3

happy early valentine birthday nick!

<3 toa

i love how its like 20 degrees and im sitting here ending this..in a sweatshirt and shorts..i cant wait for warm weather!!
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(no subject) [Feb. 10th, 2005|07:14 am]
i want a valentine this year..so does emily...tell your friends...<3
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(no subject) [Feb. 6th, 2005|06:50 pm]
avoiding homework....

Toxic by Britney Spears

"It's getting late
To give you up
I took a sip
From my devil cup
It's taking over me "

Ah, what's a year without breaking a few hearts? Literally.

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so you better pack up your bags and run [Feb. 6th, 2005|02:43 pm]
[and..how do you feel about this? |listlessblahh]
[singing in the shower |dance 360 music]

still wicked sick..but i said id update..friday was winterball! friday was an....interesting day. woke up..still didnt feel good and..threw up..yea again..wow great..went to school even tho mom said i could stay home..had to so i could go to the dance tho..the nurse was nice ot me..as always lol..kinda a blahh school day..blurry kinda lol...out at 12 and drove around the hill and around to do some errands..
230 went to studio west to have chris do my hair..interesting coversations were had among the ppl there..i was still just in a daze..hair came out good tho..
round 530 nana papa and grandma came over..then jillian chris and mrs grossguth and jills aunt..then metcalf and his dad..pictures and videoing and stuff..then went to leave..but the lakins came..so they just looked in the car..then the followed us down b.c stupid casey 4got her flowers..anyways..the dance was fun..food stunk..all around it would have ben a better nite...afterwards went to applebees..fun times...fun times..yea.

so im still wicked sick..last nite went to twin oaks for papas 86th brithday dinner..everyone seemed like they had a good time..i was rly bad..like totally out of it..then we went back to nana and papas and had cake and biscottis(yumm) and coffee and stuff..nina is soo adorable..we were playing with the christmas lights.shes soo cute..

today i went to the doctors...the oldest sick kid in the waiting room lol..got some icky medicine..i wish i could still get the pink medcine sophie used to give us..it was a pink bottle..pink medcine..and it tastede like bubble gum..it was rly good lol..this is an icky yellow..it looks like flem..its gross tasting too..i close my eyes when i take it..u would too

well..its SUPERBOWL SUNDAY!! GO PATS!! i think ppl are coming over? no idea lol..bunch of football food tho lol
ok so i should go do some homework b4 the game..in case the academy is graced with my presence.

make me smile---leave a comment
<3 toa
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(no subject) [Feb. 3rd, 2005|03:24 pm]
[and..how do you feel about this? |sicksick]
[singing in the shower |all grown up_rugrats all grown up song]

hey all..sick today so i figured id update...in between naps...i never kno when im going to fall asleep lol..i was reading a book..and i wake up to find the house empty..o well..eating some orange sherbet to help my thoart..y can i never spell that right? jeez i have a problem..many problems actually..dont leave a comment on that lol
my dress still isnt ready! and winterball is tomorrow!! ahh..o well everything will come through..gettin my nails done tonight..possibly stopping by sarahs for a quick second?? mayb not..ryan os not gunna b home and i wanna kno how hes doing..the only bad part about being out sick today is that i wanted to see the boy bball game..playin good ole hendi..ryans gunna b there..havent seen him in forver..figured i could stop in and say helloo..now i cant..sickness and dress fittings and nails to be done..im sure ryan will get over it :P
tomorrows goin to be sooo exciting!! i cant wait..so much to dooo...so lil time..ahhh i can see leahs face all excited right now lol..
well yea..not much to write..more saturday morning..should be exciting! lol

won't you be my valentine..even if its just for the night...
yea..be my valentine?? haha emily and i are just gunna b each others valentines..go to the beach to lie there in the dark..and eat homemade ice cream that tastes good...no offense em..but anyone want to take her place??? ahah jk i would love to spend valentines day with you...but i realized that i will always have a permanent valentine...my brother...i mean who better?? he already loves me and looks up to me( who can blame him lol) and its his birthday..what a better valentine than a birthday valentine lol

well yea...
make me smile..leave a comment :)
<3 toa
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(no subject) [Feb. 1st, 2005|07:12 am]
why does every morning have to be the same?
add excitement in my life...wont you?
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i cant live without you cant breathe without you im dreamin bout you [Jan. 31st, 2005|04:20 pm]
[and..how do you feel about this? |chipperda da da deeee]
[singing in the shower |cute piano music on the commerical]

cRaZy weekend...and its not even over... friday night i stayed home like the cool kids do..wasnt feeling so swell tho..watched tarzan realized that it a great movie and i love it..then went upstairs and watched medical investigation w. madre..then went to bed.. saturday woke up wayy to early..like 730 lol..damn sunlight goes right into my eyes..jeez..went on a trip to wal*mart with the cRaZy crew aka casey emily and mollie..bought some pretty buttons the ghost of walmart at the fabric department haha...then off to mcdonalds were the guy doesnt kno how to do math..then we walked to the awaited salvation army...long walk but it was fun..we didnt get killed lol thought there was a jewelry sale but couldnt find the jewelry..then we read the sign and its next weekend lol looked for some jackets but none for me..casey + mollie both got cute ones..i might steal caseys as soon i get the shoulder pads out haha had a meet at paramount bus rides were fun hahaha allie coming late not knowing where we are..allie were in the bus hahaha fun times at the gym..we can be stupid at times lol but we won! lol 2 meets today but we can only go to the senior night one..so much fun!..maeve were guna miss u bunches!! 
american dreams was exciting..so much happening..ugh all to find out that its not gunna b on again til march..AHH..def a movie party jillian and kel! notebook and american dreams..ryan and will hahah im all set! lol

well yea..school today was..well..school..spanish was entertaining tho..haha ray and andreas disscussion on tanning and what boys wear hahah..
mrs pickerings coming over for another fitting...went to the orthodontist today...fun stuff...saw a girl that looked like julie..good thing i didnt go up to her..her name was brianna lol

well yea...make me smile..leave a comment : )
<3 toa
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