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long time no write [Sep. 7th, 2005|04:35 pm]
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wow so i havent written since may CRAZYNESS!!
  -end of school was fun.
-summertime is just always amazing
    -went to TeamSpirit for SADD at bryant for like a week...omg so much fun..webshots has the pictures!
    -babysat the larkins every other week....blahhhhhh but made good money...obviouslt gettin ripped off b.c the kids are nuts psshh
    -ALL*STAR team...definatly my summer loves...so many fun times...<3 them all..six flags was so much fun...well ahve to go back so i can go on the rollarcoaster for real this time...jared better not get sick when we go on lol
    -my knee still isnt 100% better....more like 78%
    -went to a lock in w. courtney ryan and justin at st. benedicts...haha fun times.. soo tiring..didnt go to bed til 630...am...lol but i <3 them so its all good
    -SWEET SIXTEEN for me!! august 20th whoop whoop! got an ipod from the family...wicked hott...had a party a week before with my coolest friends aka sarah courtney justin ryan emily gracie mollie hannah regina casey jillian <3 them all and it was the funnest party <3
    -rented a beach house for 2 weeks w. the oliver family.....daddy bought us another surfboard <3 taught nick olivia julia courtney and mollie how to surf ! i wanna go back so bad...i <3 the beach...plus ryan justin + ronie wanna learn to surf lol

school has now started...junior year whoop whoop
   -so much fun already...i <3 lasalle and my friends...love them love them love them
fall ball has started...every sunday double headers fun stuff....its a good time b.c bryans like hey go wherever you want..so much fun <3 it

lock in sunday at sarahs was so much fun...me sarah courtney talia justin ryan and eric...but eric didnt sleep over sadly...but we all had so much fun <3 those kids
started drivers edward w. kyle last night...3 hours of boredom..but there are some hotties in the class so its all good.
so thats my entry for now...ill update more now...b.c obviously christine will bug me again...but i love her so ill keep on updating!

p.s....i need a boy... ; )

[User Picture]From: swimmingurl9
2005-09-07 11:25 pm (UTC)


yayyyyy for taylor.

u havent updated in FOREVERRRR so im so proud of you =D

and yes u better update more often b/c i WILL be bugging you more.

and yes i need a boy too. butttt i doubt that will happen.


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