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part 2 : ) [Apr. 14th, 2005|06:55 pm]
[and..how do you feel about this? |cheerfuloOoOo la la]
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hey..heres part 2 of the yay! im finally back updating update!!
so heres some major stuff that happened

-the pope died :( and all of his funeral and after dying things went on....
-opening day at west side :)
-its wonderful to be back at the pit
-our uniforms are ugly...and our team name is PMS...priority morgage solutions...thanks mr lawson! lol
-hannah says thats hott...alot.
-emilys 16th birthday was sunday!!!
-we had a game at the pit
-i made her cupcakes that looked like softballs and had 16 on them
-during a picture she smushed one into my face...which began a cupcake fight :)
-justin ryan kevin and courtney were there :D
-we had our spring show
-we danced to caught up
-it was pretty hott...choreography could have been better but w/e

thats basically last week..heres this week
-school nothing special
-track..getting buff lol...lots of lifting been happening
-school cant remember what happened
-track meet...FREEZING!!! left early for...
- pms practice...i love our team..we have so much fun..:)
-out at 1x...niice
-didnt go to track b.c so ppl said we didnt have it..but w/e
-went to pranzi w. dad and casey...had my shades on..i was hott ;)
-got my report card...pretty sweet..except what went on with spanish??
-school-dress down day...am i preppy enough mom??...yeap..pretty preppy..what can i say? lol
-track..what a practice! lol..dicus today..goal: hit the port-a-potty and guess who it hit...me!

yea so this was long...
vacation starts tomorrow!!! :D
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[User Picture]From: swimmingurl9
2005-04-16 10:45 pm (UTC)
haha. i so won that bet. :) nice try tho....
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