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long time no write [Sep. 7th, 2005|04:35 pm]
[and..how do you feel about this? |flirtymuah*]
[singing in the shower |something more-sugarland]

wow so i havent written since may CRAZYNESS!!
  -end of school was fun.
-summertime is just always amazing
    -went to TeamSpirit for SADD at bryant for like a week...omg so much fun..webshots has the pictures!
    -babysat the larkins every other week....blahhhhhh but made good money...obviouslt gettin ripped off b.c the kids are nuts psshh
    -ALL*STAR team...definatly my summer loves...so many fun times...<3 them all..six flags was so much fun...well ahve to go back so i can go on the rollarcoaster for real this time...jared better not get sick when we go on lol
    -my knee still isnt 100% better....more like 78%
    -went to a lock in w. courtney ryan and justin at st. benedicts...haha fun times.. soo tiring..didnt go to bed til 630...am...lol but i <3 them so its all good
    -SWEET SIXTEEN for me!! august 20th whoop whoop! got an ipod from the family...wicked hott...had a party a week before with my coolest friends aka sarah courtney justin ryan emily gracie mollie hannah regina casey jillian <3 them all and it was the funnest party <3
    -rented a beach house for 2 weeks w. the oliver family.....daddy bought us another surfboard <3 taught nick olivia julia courtney and mollie how to surf ! i wanna go back so bad...i <3 the beach...plus ryan justin + ronie wanna learn to surf lol

school has now started...junior year whoop whoop
   -so much fun already...i <3 lasalle and my friends...love them love them love them
fall ball has started...every sunday double headers fun stuff....its a good time b.c bryans like hey go wherever you want..so much fun <3 it

lock in sunday at sarahs was so much fun...me sarah courtney talia justin ryan and eric...but eric didnt sleep over sadly...but we all had so much fun <3 those kids
started drivers edward w. kyle last night...3 hours of boredom..but there are some hotties in the class so its all good.
so thats my entry for now...ill update more now...b.c obviously christine will bug me again...but i love her so ill keep on updating!

p.s....i need a boy... ; )
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summertime....and the living is easy [May. 31st, 2005|08:31 pm]
[and..how do you feel about this? |drainedtorn into pieces]
[singing in the shower |summer nights-grease]

well to some this is much overdue..aka...christine and the anonymous one (whom ive yet to figure out)
so stuff has been going on...just some major points.......
  • varsity letter banquet was the 24th...got my letter and pin...check out the pics...
  • didnt end up going to the kis 108 concert....it was all sold out when we got up there....all wicked hott parking guys tho...we went shopping instead....and jesse couldnt even make it...so it was okay
  • ARTS AND CRAFTS!!! whooo hoooo! so..we (me casey mollie sarah and court) slept over emilys friday nite...had her much delayed b-day party...watched dirty dancing...and 13 going on 30...and we were all wondering..well what childhood friend...that weve known our whole life...would we marry?...and we came up with will for me...our old neighbor for casey....eric for sarah...justin for mollie and i forget court and ems lol.....so next day we went to arts and crafts....no slide this year..or gracie :(....saw lots and lots of ppl this weekend....found out some...interesting news on a few....ahem ahem...and had tons of fun....specially runnning through the downpour....got henna...and a t-shirt,..wasnt a productive year for me lol....but i need to save some money...yearbook and track stuff.
  • i bought a hermit crab at arts and crafts....havent named he/she it..but 'its' pretty...black shell w. pink flower on it : D
  • still out of track+softball..and its killing me...i hate sitting on the sidelines....my knee is stilll screwed up...need an MRI....fun stuff...pshh
  • im sick...ive got SUMMER FEVER!!! ow ow...cant wait...almost done...soooo excited!!! exams on the 8th, 9th and 14th for me!!! soooo excited...cannot wait for summer...
  • so there have been a bunch of i love you comments left in my lj....and id like to kno who you are....so now that ive update....please tell me who you are!!!
well....im going to watch the rest of homeward bound <3

summer lovin...happens so fast....<33 tay

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i wanna fly looking in your eyes.... [May. 20th, 2005|10:33 pm]
[and..how do you feel about this? |exanimateblahh]
[singing in the shower |candy-mandy moore]

so yea...havent updated in forever....so here it is
had my confirmation...got money and a digital camera!! pics
ummm softballs been okay...tracks been good..threw 64.7 one meet...and now im dead for the rest of the season...
hurt my knee WICKED bad...went to the hospital on friday the 13th...there not completly sure on what i did either....
so im out of sports for a couple weeks.

so nothing that majorly exciting has been going on in my life...schools almost over....will and haley already are out...gosh lol hoping they come up again this morning....might have my party while there here!...sweet 16 in 3 months!!! yay! lol...i want a surprise party...with a lot of my friends...
i bought a new watch at kirks folly and the most AMAZING skirt..and i got it...i was so excited...but the lady sent me the wrong size...so dad brought it back today...but i wanted it for tomorrow...which is the.....
KISS 108 concert!! so excited! will smith, gwen stefani, rob thomas, black eyed peas, good charlotte, backstreet boys, john legend, frankie j, gavin degraw, howie day, akon, bowling for soup, natalie, the click 5, the pussycat dolls,brie larson and Jesse McCartney!!! YAY!!! lol kelly and i are planning on going....hoping our moms cna figure out rides.
so yea...im wicked excited for summer..cannot wait
well mom and dad are out partying...and casey nick and i are home...and i really want my sunglasses...sarah brought them to emily...so now i just have to get them from emily lol
                      yea so imma head upstairs....comment?
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(no subject) [Apr. 30th, 2005|10:42 pm]
i think i may change my layout...comment on it....also..anyone know how to get my entries on the side?? let me know
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two small jumps are sometimes better than one big leap [Apr. 30th, 2005|10:30 pm]
[and..how do you feel about this? |calmcool - calm - and collected]
[singing in the shower |let me go - 3 doors down]

nothing really exciting went on this week...but then friday came...and everything is always better when friday is here..

friday-school was good..quick..didnt go to track..came home and picked up my room..hopped in the tub for a quick shave and bath...then moms friend lori came over adn curled my hair...like the wholething...and it actually curled!..i loved it..it looked like sarahs from a little princess <3..then got dressed for the dance..OW OW!! lol emily was over and took some pics so check her webshots for them! kayla stopped by for a few too....then i was ready and leah came over...then her me and casey left....dance was alot of fun...god were such whores lol overall a good night...afterparty plans got messed up..i just went home with dad and he took me to some lil place in providence for something to eat...came home round 130ish?? not sure...and..i wore my shoes the whole night..<3

saturday-woke up and cleaned...then went to the mall with emily and casey...the radiothon was there..i donated $1...and they let down a bunch of balloons when it was over..i got a light orange one lol....bought 2 new pairs of flip flops (<3) a clutch and 2 pairs of undies...saw lee at old navy...and some other people...went to lunch at newport creamry and before leaving we got auntie annies...yumm... then tonight my lovely saturday nights!..gilmore girls with mom and casey while ironing everything for tomorrow....then chinese food...i think im just becoming a gilmore lol....grace and i will definatly have to have a gilmore girl marathon...complete with chinese food..coffee..pizza and red vines

tomorrow i make my confirmation...and oddly im really excited..i think its because i get to dress up..have a party..get presents (digital camera-possiblity!!)

i think im falling for you....if you only knew who i was....<3
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should be doing homework.... [Apr. 23rd, 2005|09:45 pm]
[and..how do you feel about this? |gigglygiggly]
[singing in the shower |bustling on gilmore girls]

took this from gracie

Taylor Oliver Aubin's Aliases

Your movie star name: Cookies Frank
Your fashion designer name is Taylor Paris
Your socialite name is Tay Tay Miami
Your fly girl / guy name is T Aub
Your detective name is Tiger Lasalle Academy
Your barfly name is Granola Bar Margarita
Your soap opera name is Oliver North Pearson
Your rock star name is Anything Chocolate Rocket
Your star wars name is Taybra Aub___
Your punk rock band name is The Giddy Slinky
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i just wanna let you know how i feel [Apr. 21st, 2005|10:33 am]
[and..how do you feel about this? |flirtyyou know you like that...]
[singing in the shower |hollaback girl]

hey..so yesterday i wrote out this whole thing...then sarah sent of pic of me...and i xed out it this....so im babysitting...there watching tv...and im retyping...(read it all...you never know what youll find in this one..) enjoy : )

friday- v-a-c-a-t-i-o-n!! yay it began!! lol i think i stayed home that nite..cant remember...

saturday- emily casey and i decided to go to the village...get some dear hearts..hannah came along too...[me] i wonder what would happen if i clicked my heels?? [guy in the car] HEY LADIES!!! hahaha soo funny...im lucky ; ) when we got down there some kids were there with longer hair than hannahs lol...told us to check out some website for their band?? weird...then went back to hannahs...sophia in her barbie jeep haha she cracked my toenail!! lol...giving her the sour gum!! haha bailey liked it tho lol...then they invited us to go out for chinese..went to the islander  [me] could i have a sunburn [lady] sure [sophia] YOU WANT A SUNBURN!! hahhaa mmm i sunburns haha pu-pu platter...MY WONTON! hahaha trying to lit the fruit on fire...pineapple smells wicked bad burned lol...then after an awesome ride home went to mi casa con emily y casey and then went to emilys for a sleepover...always a fun time....

sunday- church with emily and her rents...us in our uniforms  hahaha...then went home(emilys)used the hit-a-way...while running there was a loose lil pit bull near hardys...eak! lol...the off to our game...had to hop the fence we were there so early lol...saw the car of my dreams...i want it badly...its so pretty...belongs to the rent of some girl on the black team...played awesome...won 25-6?? hit the cycle! single double triple(hit the fence) homerun!! whoop whoop!!! emily got a homerun too....so did abby...but she was on the other team lol then went to my nanas...then to levi's to get nick..then emilys to get my stuff...where i was told i could go to sarahs! yay!! so i changed then went to sarahs with emily...chatted in her room...tramploine...frisbee...creepy car...dinner...erics quick visit....jesse () on teennick all a good time..love sarah so much...

monday-went up to auntie CAs house (papa me casey and nick)...were gunna go to the marathon but went on the boston duck tours instead...so fun..our tourguide was so funny and nick drove the boat under a bridge on the charles...the new prison is amazing...like goregous...and its a prison lol...on the way home we got lost...kinda scary papa wasnt sure where we were and neither was i...he didnt understand that he got lost...hes ben up here so many times at night...found out how people are so damn impatient...but we finally got home...

tuesday-workshop all day at church...i got 4 cute quiet kids...billy got 1 crazy one lol...our table was pretty good though...i made a heart...its so cute...god loves me...and the lil wild child licked it!! eww!! then grace emily and i went to dear hearts...[me] i wonder what will happen if i click my heels?? [guy in a truck] beep! beep!! haha yea!! lol....played kickball in my backyard...dares to get in the pool lol...got all cute with no where to go....then told we were going to job lot in buttonwoods...[me mom casey dad] picked up a pretty patio set for the upper patio...really pretty i love it..then went to filenes with mom and casey...then marshalls...put a cute skirt on lay-away and rly lovely roos...love them..

wednesday-babysat larkins all day...went a a picnic and stuff..wicked hott out...then brought the girls to the pit..john and nick had a game at belmont...emily and casey came to the pit..while walking to wendys got hit on by OLD MEN! ewww...hey baby shake ya booty...eww...do not wanna hear that frlom a gross old man...then we went to wendys...payed in change lol..then cvs..then back to pit...mr. larkin brought us home...then hung around...played kickball..cartwheels in the front...victoria+sarah stopped by for a sec to drop something off...then we all washed our feet lol...dont ask...thenhung around...then emily went home..then american idol...ANWAR LEFT!! what is up with america??!!!?? 2 people need to leave....scott and anthony..your letting all the good people leave...u better straighten out next week america...jeezzz...then updated this...all to be xed out...and emily got her pics up...i showed them to christine..haha i dont have digusting hair like her curly mop lol...its not a curly mop....

yea so todays thursday and im babysitting again....and vacation almost over...and ive done no homework at all lol...i feel like i have a big project due monday...i dont think i do...so anyways hope u enjoyed and read it all!! lol...funny things hidden in there!


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part 2 : ) [Apr. 14th, 2005|06:55 pm]
[and..how do you feel about this? |cheerfuloOoOo la la]
[singing in the shower |oc theme : )]

hey..heres part 2 of the yay! im finally back updating update!!
so heres some major stuff that happened

-the pope died :( and all of his funeral and after dying things went on....
-opening day at west side :)
-its wonderful to be back at the pit
-our uniforms are ugly...and our team name is PMS...priority morgage solutions...thanks mr lawson! lol
-hannah says thats hott...alot.
-emilys 16th birthday was sunday!!!
-we had a game at the pit
-i made her cupcakes that looked like softballs and had 16 on them
-during a picture she smushed one into my face...which began a cupcake fight :)
-justin ryan kevin and courtney were there :D
-we had our spring show
-we danced to caught up
-it was pretty hott...choreography could have been better but w/e

thats basically last week..heres this week
-school nothing special
-track..getting buff lol...lots of lifting been happening
-school cant remember what happened
-track meet...FREEZING!!! left early for...
- pms practice...i love our team..we have so much fun..:)
-out at 1x...niice
-didnt go to track b.c so ppl said we didnt have it..but w/e
-went to pranzi w. dad and casey...had my shades on..i was hott ;)
-got my report card...pretty sweet..except what went on with spanish??
-school-dress down day...am i preppy enough mom??...yeap..pretty preppy..what can i say? lol
-track..what a practice! lol..dicus today..goal: hit the port-a-potty and guess who it hit...me!

yea so this was long...
vacation starts tomorrow!!! :D
leave a comment...<3
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(no subject) [Apr. 10th, 2005|07:52 pm]
[and..how do you feel about this? |flirtymuah!]
[singing in the shower |without you-jesse mccartney]

hey! ok im finally updating! 2 parts to it....one entry from past stuff and 2nd from like a week over....soo without any further adu...the much  anticipated entry!!!

so...its been a little over a month and so much has happened...emiyl convinvced me by not updating her lj during lent i wouldnt either...so lents well over..and im back to chewing gum lol
over the course of the that month we had softball tryouts and i got cut..marley and raschii made it though!!...i signed up for track & field...doing field though...pretty sick at shot lol

umm rly cant remember..i think thats y i updated alot...to remind myself what ive ben up too...easters come and gone...finally saw my cousins lol nina let me take her upstairs w/o uncle frank! shes un attaching herself little by little...
i was tortured alot by christine for not updating....but her favortie rhode islander is back! lol

i saw sarah TWICE during the lj break...TWICE!...it was exciting b.c we had this like once every 4 month thing going....
umm...jill got a dog whom i have not seen yet lol

west side started up again..WHOOP WHOOP...emilys on my team!!!  we have ugly ass uniforms!! ugh gross....sooo ugly!! and our teams name is PMS...yea...its great....

so in all...nothing to gigatic happened while i wasnt updating....and that concludes part 1 of major update

love, toa

p.s. Today is Emily's Sweet 16!!! YAY!!!..more about it in the next update ; )

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(no subject) [Mar. 7th, 2005|05:24 pm]
[and..how do you feel about this? |bouncyhehehe]
[singing in the shower |beautiful soul-jesse mccartney--love him!!]

ok im rly bored and dont feel like doing a regular update-so i took this from christina--have fun reading it!

Bold the things that are true--ok well mines being screwy so things that are true are in pink!!

01. My hair is still its natural color-but of course!! never dyed it-dont think anyone would let me!!
02. I paint my toe nails- yea not so much in winter..def in summer!
03. I get annoyed when i don't get to finish telling a story- yea!
04. I like to wear pink.- your asking me if i love pink clothes? that like..my whole closet!!..ok mayb not whole..but 80% lol do u see that color^^ lol
05. My best friend is exactly like me - well.. sarah and i are like..twins...we rly are..rasch and me are similar..but deep down shes a rocker..i remember that book sale rasch!!
06. I drink a lot of water.-yes ma'am sir w/e u are...i<3 water! lol
07. I'm loud in some classes and quiet in others yes!! lol
08. I think too much. hahahha..thats y im so random!
09. My first kiss was unexpected.
10. I can't live without lip gloss. LOOVE IT!!! and burts bees!! cant live w/o!!!
11. I get annoyed easily.-yea--mostly if weve had past problems u can get me annoyed quicker...
12. I sing even though my voice sucks. hahaha i sing CONSTANTLY. - right now its beautiful soul..what can i sayy?? he hott and its a cute song!
13. I'm far too nice.- yea
14. I hate when ppl confuse your and you're- ehh
15. I like(d) Mary-Kate and Ashley movies. haha what can i say--i grew up with them..i still watch full house! lol
16. I've never had a fake screen name.-i dont get it..fake sn???
17. I hate liars.-HATE them
18. I miss middle school.
saint peters was great..but i think id go back for the ppl..not the education...
19. I have pretty good eating habits. most of the time lol
20. I have a hard time making up my mind sometimes.
mainly when it comes to buying something im nto sure on
21. I wish my hair naturally curled.- yes! yes! yes! but not hard to manage curls..pretty curls..or that my straihgt hair would curl
22. Growing up has changed me for the better. -yea u could say that lol
23. I dance when no ones looking. i dance all the time! .. its funny when im dancing in my room..then my dad walks in and is like what the hell are you doing in here?
24. I like classical music.-dad does. i think its too boring
25. I am on AIM entirely too much. - i am. i admit it.
26. I really have no life.-really and truely. haha most friday nights the crew and i go to walmart--but its the cool thing to do..and we see a bunch of other ppl..so mayb i do have a life??
27. I usually don't get sarcasm. ok im slow sometimes...only sometimes
28. I wish I could look in a mirror and constantly be satisfied with myself. mmmhm
29. I shift between being sleepy and awake when I'm really tired.
30. I hardly ever vacuum. i hate it. mom makes me every saturday tho lol <-- same with me chris!!
31. I hate racism.
32. I have cried during a movie. alot! like..alot alot...books too...gawd im sucha  cry baby!
33. I like watermelon flavored things. yummm summertime!
34. I cried all the time when I was little. - not rly...
35. I'm a terrible liar.  hahaha i am i always feel gulity
36. I'm not afraid to die.
37. I'm short.- not anymore babes..sorta...5'4
38. Thunderstorms scare me. i love thunderstorms...i think there pretty..but the noise is pretty..it always reminds me of a certain boy....
39. I am learning to be happy - what? im always happy!!
40. Acting like a "gangsta" annoys the crap out of me. hahhaha umm when other white ppl do it and there the not gansters at all!..but when i act like them it hilarious...dawg hahaha
41. I appreciate the truth even when it hurts.

42. I hate surprises. lol who doesn't like them!?
43. I take the little things for granted.
44. I twirl my hair.- alll the time!!
45. I cry when other people cry.
46. I don't own a cell phone.
47. I don't understand people who dislike others because they fall under a certain classification.-
48. I'm old enough to vote.
49. I hate it when people criticize themselves aloud so they can get compliments.
50. I need to remember to be a teenager sometimes.- not a little kid hahaa.
51. I want to see most of the world.
52. Sometimes I wonder what's going on over in London. ????lol
53. I HATE being lied to. YES.
54. I believe in a thing called love. i do i do! haha such a funni song tooo
55. I love to go shopping. i think id love it more if i had more money just to spend
56. Today is wavegoodbyewednesday.
57. I am horribly sentimental; I will not throw useless things out.i throw nothing out haha. but im getitn better
58. I hate hearing songs that sacrifice meaning for the sake of being able to rhyme.didnt rly follow but our bio poem is great lol
59. I'm a drama queen --yea-sorta..not as bad as casey
60. I’m scared of the dark.not rly...i like t rly dark when i go to sleep..but not away from home..unless i kno the place
61. I talk louder than I realize. - often. caseys louder tho
62. I think it's funny when girls wear so much makeup that their faces become incandescent. i dont kno what that last word is..but when u can tell when there makeup ends nad rela skin is..i laugh and just want to go up and be like _ your pores are drowning in crap!!!
63. I have a good sense of direction. - i kno where im going..i just have a hard time telling others lol
64. I have a fear of heights. holy crap yes...but i can do the rock wall...just cant look down...
65. I wear pants more than I wear shorts.shorts alot..even in the winter...but i love sweatpants tooo
66. I think before I speak
67. I'm afraid of spiders. ewwwwwwwwww
68. I have problems letting go of people. :( i do. ill admit it...esp. one in particular...ugh..
69. I'm usually NEVER on time.- im good with that...unlike dad lol
70. I forgive but I don't forget.- i kno its bad.
71. I've never broken a bone.
72. I have a talent of sweet-talking my way out of things. hahahah its true..
73. I still watch cartoons. :D
74. I prefer vanilla over chocolate.
75. I hate getting in fights so I usually don't say anything when I'm mad.depends on who i'm fighting with
76. Listening to music usually helps my mood. haha yes...
77. I laugh more than I cry. i laugh ALL THE TIME!! HAHA
78. I sometimes wish I was somewhere besides here.
79. I have a candy obsession.- yea...i do..its bad...
80. I doodle on pieces of paper or myself when boredom strikes.
81. I hate turning off the radio at the end of my favorite song.
82. I have driven a car.
83. There is no nail polish on my nails.
84. I often make wishes that will never come true. wishful wisher lol
85. I remember things that no one else remembers. hhaha yea..like who i sat next to in my lsa entrance exam lol..soo random..1st dance with a boy+ the song...cute and random stuff
86. Goodbyes make me sad. VERY SAD
87. I always forget my dreams. not always
88. I've climbed the ladder to the high dive, gotten scared and climbed back down.
89. I've taken a risk and gotten hurt. .
90. I wish I were more attractive to others. blaaaaaaah<--- ahha christina..dont worry me 2...
91. I worry too much sometimes about what people think.
93. Compliments make me happy. today i got so many comments on my socks...:D
94. I like long car rides with certain people.
95. There's one person who always knows what I'm feeling no matter how much I try to hide it. ugh i dont think hell ever leave...its a bad and good thing lol
96. I've wondered who I'm going to end up marrying.yes haha..marley...i have a good last name for me!! taylor _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _!!! hahahahaha
97. I listen to the things no one else really cares about.
98. I can draw from imagination.
99. TyPiNg LIeK diS anNoyes mEeeh. oh my god, yes. and its mainly all the lil sps kids...
100. This took too long. - but hey, im bored! and i hate homework!
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